Esta esposa y madre gana mucho dinero con las fotografías que le toma su esposo


¿Quién dijo que para ser sensual hay que tener una figura perfectamente esculpida? Summers VonHesse de 30 años, sí que sabe cómo ganar dinero por internet, mostrando los atributos de su cuerpo con plena seguridad.

Su esposo le toma fotos y videos que luego venden en internet. El dinero que reciben les permite vivir bien a ellos y a sus dos hijos. Su esposo es un militar retirado y ahora fotógrafo, ella era un ama de casa y ahora modelo. Según Yahoo! Lifestyle ganan alrededor de 5 mil y 12 mil dólares.

“Se siente como un cuento de hadas. No estamos viviendo sueldo a sueldo. Pasamos muchos años simplemente viviendo limitados… Por primera vez en mi vida, compré un par de zapatos nuevos sin sentirme culpable ni pasé una hora regateando su precio”, dijo orgullosa VonHesse.

I need to go do this today???the suns out?no pants Tuesday! Whooo hooo!?

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A pesar de que actualmente tiene 190 mil seguidores en Instagram, no falta quien la critique por ganarse la vida mostrando su cuerpo y evidentemente por cómo luce su cuerpo.

Te mostramos algunas de sus fotografías:

Yesterday I shot some photos, when I looked at them on the computer I legit felt like ass about what I was seeing. It's crazy how somedays we have to struggle to see beauty and others it comes naturally. I had to stop my thoughts and be like hey, nothing is different, just my perception is getting fucked up. I'm comparing myself. I'm worried about what someone may think. Beating myself up for not looking like women in a magazine. It's those moments you have to recognize and fix the b.s. going on in your head. I am exactly good enough for me and fuck anyone else that has a problem with that. And fuck magazines for being so fake lol so ima post a photo I felt hella strong and sexy in, cellulite and all 🙂 because at the end of the day sexy is an attitude not a pant size . . . . . . . . . . #weallhavethosedays #cellulite #postpartumbody #positivelife #thickthighssavelives #thickwomen #realwomen #stretchmarks #bopowarrior #allbodiesaregoodbodies #bopo #fierce #lovemybody

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Fri-yay! So last night I was just chillin in lingerie. My husband says "you should tell your followers to try this out, trust me dudes love it. Watching you do the dishes in your undies is the sexiest shit ever" Hes right. I totally take for granted the fact that I am comfortable enough to walk around the house in somethin sexy now days! (Gone are the lights must be off times?)Are you confident enough to feel sexy in your own home? You should be. Try it out 😉 I promise it will make you feel great to be bold enough to rock out your sexy. Fact is a lot of us worry about what out significant others think….stop. They know what you look like naked and they like it enough to stick around. They'll like it even more if you like it more. It's a weird thing, but it's true?be your kind of sexy my dears xoxo . . . . . . . . . #cellulite #booty? #natural #naturalbeauty #realwomen #postpartumbody #bbwgirls #honormycurves #nowrongwaytobeawoman #thickwomen #coffeetime #womenempowerment #lovetheskinyourin

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